Research Programmer

Social Policy Research Associates • Oakland, CA • Aug 2020

Aug 2021 - PresentResearch Programmer
Aug 2020 - Aug 2021Junior Research Programmer
  • Develop and manage datasets with documentation
    • Weekly data reporting from state organizations
    • Monthly survey results from individuals
  • Create analytic files per project team requests
    • Aggregate and calculate averages for different slices of data
    • Clean character strings for consistency and add factoring
  • Develop reproducible programs for data management tasks
    • Pull data, clean data, create report with updated results
  • Produce tables and prepare materials to support analyses
  • Create and design data visualizations (both static and dynamic)
  • Experience working with Department of Labor’s WIPS data (which utilizes the PIRL)
  • Develop and maintain R Shiny applications

R Shiny Application: WIOA by the Numbers

Software and Tools